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RPI provides consistent, budget-conscious laundry and dry cleaning services that fulfill large-scale, logistically intricate contracts for the Government. We offer a great familiarity with military laundry service expectations, particularly Army regulations and expectations; this familiarity, combined with the requisite attention to detail and a proven ability to meet and exceed client requirements, shows through clearly in our day-to-day performance.
RPI provides all of the labor, chemicals, Planned Maintenance Schedule (PMS) services, inventory operations, titration testing, and supporting customer and delivery services needed to operate Government-furnished equipment and facilities. We specialize in processing Organizational, Medical Treatment Facility, and Individual Piece Rate laundry and dry cleaning. Responsibilities on the job commonly include accountability, safeguarding, and maintenance management of Government equipment and facilities in addition to actual laundry / dry cleaning services, all of which we do exceedingly well.
If you are located in the southeastern United States and would like to learn more about our facility in Cusseta GA, please visit our website at www.Cussetalaundry.com